Banner Syllabus

Entering course modality and technology information into Banner, using the Syllabus functionality


1.Log onto eServices and select the Faculty Services tab. Then go to Faculty Detail Schedule:

2.Select the correct term and Submit:

3.To the right of “Syllabus:” is an option to “Add”.  Click that link to add your syllabus information. In this case, “syllabus” does not need to literally include your full syllabus, but instead, note the class URL (if one exists) and the information pertinent to how the class will meet this semester.

4.Use the Course URL, Learning Objectives, Required Materials, and Technical Requirements fields to enter pertinent information. The Technical Requirements field should be used to enter information about how online/distance education will be offered for the class. Click Submit when finished.

5.Students can access this information on their Active Registrations link, by clicking on the course for more information. This information is also accessible on the Class Schedule listing available to the public.