How to use waitlisting in eServices

The waitlist option is offered on a first-come, first-served basis for select courses when a class is full. This option is not available for every class.

Adding yourself to the waitlist

If a class is full and can be waitlisted, you will receive a Registration Add Error: Example “Closed - 0 Waitlisted.”

eServices - Waitlist screenshot 01

To add yourself to the waitlist, select “Waitlist” from the Action drop-down box and click Submit Changes.

eServices - Waitlist screenshot 02

Once you have successfully added yourself to the waitlist, the STATUS will update. Ex: “Waitlist on Mar 02, 2017”

eServices - Waitlist screenshot 03

Viewing your position on the waitlist

To view your position on the waitlist, go to STUDENT DETAIL SCHEDULE, find the waitlisted class and look for WAITLIST POSITION. The number shows your position on the waitlist.

eServices - Waitlist screenshot 04

Receiving the notification

If an opening in your waitlisted course becomes available, an email will be sent to your VCU email account. You will have 24 hours from the time the message is sent to register for the course before you are automatically dropped from the waitlist.

To register for the class once a seat becomes available:

  1. Select the Student tab in eServices.
  2. Select Add or Drop Classes.
  3. Locate the waitlisted section and choose Register from the Action drop-down box.

Special advisory

If a course that offers waitlisting displays seats remaining on the Schedule of Classes but also has seats filled on the waitlist, please do not drop yourself from a class in which you are already enrolled in anticipation that you will be able to register for the waitlisted course.  Priority is given to the first student on the waitlist.  In addition, all remaining seats are reserved for those students on the waitlist.