Nondegree-seeking admission

Virginia Commonwealth University offers nondegree admission for visiting students or those interested in receiving licensure.

Permission to attend VCU as a nondegree-seeking student does not guarantee admission as a degree-seeking student at the undergraduate or graduate level, nor does it guarantee admission into a certificate program or teacher licensure program.

Nondegree-seeking students who take graduate-level courses can transfer a maximum of 12 credits into a graduate degree program, with approval, once they have applied and are admitted to the graduate program.

Apply for nondegree admission

VCU is currently accepting online applications from nondegree-seeking students.

Nondegree-seeking student classifications

  • Nondegree holder: A student who has not previously earned a baccalaureate degree and is limited to taking a maximum of 11 credits per semester
  • Degree holder: A student who has earned a baccalaureate degree at VCU or another accredited institution and is limited to taking 19 credits per semester
  • Transient student: A student who is presently seeking a baccalaureate degree at another institution of higher education and wishes to enroll in courses at VCU for no more than two semesters with the intent of transferring coursework to their home institution for degree completion. The student must present a letter from their home institution approving the student’s status as a transient student at VCU.

Nondegree-seeking ​eligibility

  • Students who are under academic suspension from VCU or any other institution are not eligible to enter as nondegree-seeking students.
  • Traditional freshman applicants who were denied admission to VCU cannot be admitted as nondegree-seeking students.
  • Nondegree-seeking students must have a high school diploma or GED. Students currently in high school may apply to be an advanced scholar through the VCU Office of Admissions. 

Application requirements


VCU is now accepting online applications from nondegree-seeking students.

Register for classes

Once the nondegree application has been processed, students will receive an email with instructions on registering for classes and where to seek academic advising.

Nondegree-seeking students are eligible to register for classes through eServices during open registration. Visit VCU’s academic calendars for registration dates. Prior to registration, you can view the course schedule for the upcoming semester and a list of course descriptions.

Change to degree-seeking status

Nondegree-seeking students must complete an application for admission as a degree-seeking student to be admitted into a degree program.

Costs and financial aid

Nondegree-seeking students are ineligible for financial aid. Learn more about VCU’s tuition, fees and available financial literacy resources:


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