Grant and revoke records access

A proxy is an individual who is given access to view a student’s selected records in eServices. The student controls all aspects of granting and managing proxy access and is the only one who can:

  • Add a proxy
  • Change what a proxy sees
  • Delete a proxy
  • Initiate a password reset on behalf of the proxy

University staff members cannot set up a proxy for a student, and do not have access to passwords or other student login information. Proxies with forgotten or lost passwords must work with the student to have a reset done.

Creating a proxy

To grant someone access to see your student records, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log on to eServices.
  2. Select the Students tab.
  3. Select Academic Record Authorization (Proxy Access).

Select "Add New," which will then allow you to add the proxy's information and authorizations. Click Submit once you are done.

The proxy you have added will receive an email with links to a personal eServices URL and temporary password. The proxy should follow the steps to log in and create a new password. They will be taken to a screen where they may select the menu items you have authorized and view your information. The proxy sees the screens exactly as you would see them.

Managing proxy access

If the proxy's password is lost, log in to your eServices account, go to that person's setup within the application, and click the link to “Reset Password.” That action will generate a password reset email to the proxy.

If you would like to delete the proxy altogether, you may do so by clicking the trash can icon under that person's name on the Proxy Management page.

A student may have multiple proxies. A proxy may have access to information about multiple students (e.g., if they have two children who attend VCU).