The VCU Office of the University Registrar is dedicated to supporting the research and student success mission of the university. The office works collaboratively with the university community to ensure that policies and procedures are equitably implemented while providing outstanding customer service and professional expertise.


  • Strive to be a leader in the use of the best management techniques, empowering university constituents to utilize data and tools in helping to gain national prominence.

  • Explore and evaluate current and emerging technologies to stay on the cutting edge, providing expertise on maximizing and streamlining technological tools to create efficiency, sustainability, and feasibility for the university community.

  • Collaborate with university constituents in order to assist with current needs and proactive planning/future goals by providing data expertise, operational analysis, trainings, recommendations, and feedback.

  • Promote equitable implementation of academic regulations across the university through the management of advanced technology.

  • Facilitate the navigation of education records management and protect the privacy of education records and security of student information systems.

  • Staff highly qualified and proficient personnel in all areas, who constantly monitor office practices and procedures and recommend changes to ensure the most efficient and prompt service.


The Office of the University Registrar will continually improve processes that support student success, organizational efficiency and emergent practices. The staff will serve as agents of change to contribute to the advancement of the university and its practices.