Senior Citizens Higher Education Program

Senior citizens may take courses without paying tuition or mandatory fees, under certain conditions.


Under the program, a senior citizen is classified as any person who turns 60 years old before the beginning of the semester in which they claim entitlement. To qualify for the tuition waiver, the senior citizen must have had legal domicile in Virginia for at least one year.  

Senior citizens may take tuition-free courses for credit or audit, depending on income:

  • Courses for credit: Senior citizens with a taxable income of $23,850 or less for the year preceding enrollment may take courses for academic credit.
  • Courses for audit: Senior citizens whose taxable income exceeds $23,850 may only audit courses under the tuition-free policy.

The waiver applies only to tuition and those fees that are not established to pay for course materials such as laboratory fees, textbook fees and art supplies fees. By contrast, a senior citizen must pay any applicable charges for private music lessons and programs that are not academic courses, including programs offered through third-party partnerships.

The Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver form must be submitted for each semester in which the senior citizen enrolls in classes. Student Accounting will notify senior citizen students at their university email address when bills for any such fees and program charges are available on the Billing and Payment website. The university does not issue paper bills.

Course limitations

Senior citizen students can take up to three non-credit courses per semester. There are no restrictions on the number of courses qualified senior citizens may take for credit.

Additionally, there are no limits on the number of semesters senior citizens may enroll at VCU.


Senior citizens will be admitted to courses only on a space-available basis after all tuition-paying students have been accommodated unless a credit-seeking senior citizen has completed 75% of their degree requirements. After meeting this requirement, senior citizens can enroll in courses at the same time as other tuition-paying students. 

First-time students must complete the following:

Returning students only need to complete:

For credit

Senior citizens taking courses for credit can register using eServices and must submit tax documentation to verify earnings. Contact Student Accounting at (804) 828-2228 for questions regarding tax documentation.

For audit

Senior citizens should register for audit in person during the add/drop week of each semester at the Office of the University Registrar. Bring hard copies of all the required forms.


Course prerequisites are sometimes waivable for senior citizen auditors, with department permission. Before the end of add/drop week, email or call the department to request a paper override form and submit the form to Office of the University Registrar.


Senior citizen students receive academic advising through VCU Advising.

*Please Note: The Senior Citizens Higher Education Program and use of tuition waivers for classes does not grant access to VCU's Recreational and Well-Being facilities including the Cary Street Gym and MCV Campus Rec Center. For membership rate information please contact